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Shenzhen International Watch Fair CWCF


Shenzhen International Watch Fair CWCF

2018/07/10 14:27
Exhibition introduction
China (Shenzhen) International Watch Fair, referred to as Shenzhen Watch and Clock Fair (CWCF), is the largest professional exhibition of watches and jewellery in mainland China.
Founded in 1988, it has been held for 25 consecutive years. It is famous for its rich and complete watch products, professional organization and internationalization. It is the third largest watch exhibition in the world after Basel Watch and Hong Kong Watch Fair. The largest professional exhibition of watches and clocks.
Since 2010, China Watch Association and Shenzhen Watch Industry Association have reached a consensus that China (Beijing) International Watch Fair and China (Shenzhen) International Watch Fair will be integrated to fully integrate domestic and overseas resources, perfect interpretation of China's only domestic International large-scale professional watch exhibition and international watch fashion trading platform.
As one of the world's most important international warehousing events for watch and clock products, the company is praised as the first exhibition of Chinese watches and clocks by its rich and complete set of watches, professionalization, internationalization, branding and fashion.
It is the gateway for overseas watch brands to enter the Chinese market. It is the best platform for exchanges, negotiations and exhibitions in the watch industry and the window for international authorized brands. It is the annual event and weather vane of the Chinese watch industry.
China (Shenzhen) International Watch Fair In 2004, it passed the UFI certification of the International Exhibition Union and became the only large-scale international watch exhibition in China's watch industry that has been accepted by the International Exhibition Union.
Range of exhibition
Table categories: mechanical watches, quartz watches, multi-function watches, gift watches, electronic watches, pocket watches, metal watches, sports watches, sports stopwatches
Clocks: radio clock, quartz clock, mechanical clock, desk clock, wall clock, alarm clock, floor clock, phonograph, multi-function clock
Movement: mechanical movement, quartz movement, mechanical heart, quartz heart, digital information calendar, radio movement
Digital information calendar: digital information calendar, light box information calendar, dynamic painting information calendar
Accessories: surface, case, hands, handle, strap, packaging products, watch and jewelry production equipment, tools
Watch production equipment: automatic mechanical equipment, watch precision test equipment, clock drilling machine, clock engraving machine and other related mechanical equipment
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