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What is the movement of a good watch?


What is the movement of a good watch?

2018/07/10 14:23
Since the question is what is the movement of a good watch? Just discuss the movement, the medium-priced general movement (such as the ETA series) is not discussed in this article.
A good movement has risen to a level based on firmness and precision, which is aesthetics. About the beauty of the movement, you need to touch the boutique and learn more about the process. There is no way to avoid a criterion of judgement - "Geneva Quality Imprint 12 Guidelines". The content of the terms of the 12 Guidelines is easy to find online and is no longer quoted. If you want to combine the pictures to understand the implementation criteria of the 12 criteria, the book "Watch Art" written by Mr. Wang Jinlong, the master of the watch repairing masterpiece of Baodao, has a detailed chapter with pictures and texts.
Although after 2009, Patek Philippe announced that it had withdrawn from the "Geneva Quality Imprint 12 Guidelines" to build its own "PP Imprint", it is not difficult to find that the implementation standards of the PP imprint are still based on the "Geneva Quality Imprint 12 Guidelines".
The factors that consumers can intuitively feel about where a good movement should be:
1. The movement strip and the balance plate are full of agility curves, and the edges of the plate are chamfered and polished; the front of the plate is polished by Geneva stripes.
2. The main substrate of the movement is polished by a bead pattern.
3. Use the whole piece of precious metal to make the automatic movement of the automatic movement.
4. All screws are mirror polished.
5. Watch carefully under a 10x magnifying glass without any flaws.
6. Relatively thin.
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