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How does the movement structure of the mechanical watch guarantee the accuracy of time?


How does the movement structure of the mechanical watch guarantee the accuracy of time?

2018/07/03 17:32
Let the mechanical watch go more accurately, it is the realm and goal of the generations of watchmakers in the past five hundred years. The factors affecting the accuracy of the mechanical watch travel time are various: environment, temperature, humidity, magnetic field, vibration, gravity, machining accuracy and wear condition of the parts, and factory adjustment of the movement. In different respects, the solution is completely different. If it is solved, it may only improve the accuracy of a trace of wire, but if every aspect is not solved, this watch will be particularly inaccurate.
In theory, the table with fast swing frequency will be more accurate. The vibration of 21600 vibrations per hour is better than that of 18000, while that of 28800 is higher than that of 21600, and there are 36000 and ultra-high frequency concept mechanical watches.
The magnetic field is mainly dependent on diamagnetic materials such as silicon. The more silicon the escapement uses, the less the table is afraid of the magnetic field. In response to the temperature, it is necessary to use metal that is not sensitive to temperature. In the pocket watch era, the watchmaker thought of using steel and copper to make the balance compensation. Now the balance wheel is basically made of nickel-niobium alloy, and the temperature influence is minimal.
In the end, the Rolex mechanical movement is generally considered to be the most accurate in the industry, with an error of 2 seconds per day. The accuracy of mechanical watches is hard to break through. The rise of quartz watches in 1975 allowed people to find highly accurate solutions for cheap watches, but lost the beauty of machinery. Today, people use their mobile phones to see the time without errors, but they also wear watches, and they do not demand the precision of mechanical watches.
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