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Membership support

Membership support

Expense support 
1. The alliance business needs not to pay the fee for joining Meigao. 
2. In terms of the making of the terminal image counter for joining Meigao, Our company can provide corresponding support according to the purchase situation.
3. Shop for single customer is entitled to rebate if it is up to the annual amount for incoming goods as designated by the company.   
Support of goods 
1. Our company shall meet the need of goods by the alliance business in the first place. 
2. Goods can be changed as per the company’s policy if they can be sold for the second time. 
3. Our company offers support for exhibition and sale activities and for commodities for sales promotion and publicity materials in the exhibition period. 
4. Support of sales giveaways;  
Business support 
1. Our company shall carry out systematic guidance before starting business to the new alliance businesses. 
2. Our company shall offer training class of special topic on a regular basis. 
3. Our company shall inspect the shop on a regular basis and offer guidance on site.  
4. Our company shall offer lamp house pieces and indoor and outdoor advertisement to the counter of the shopping mall where the alliance business is located.
5. The company will conduct training for franchise salespersons from time to time