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Brand story

MOA (Master of Art) was established in Bordeaux, Orleans, France. In 1905, the young watchmaker Bilbao led his three friends to found the MOA production factory together. He and his working partners started to make their own movements, and mainly producing tourbillon watches. It quickly enabled him to gain a good reputation in the region. Bilbao is committed to the development of watchmaking technology. In a short span of two years, the company’s watch manufacturing business continued to leap forward.
In 1907, France participated in the First World War. The Bordeaux Town was destroyed by the war. In order to avoid war, Bilbao closed the recently formed workshop and dismissed the workers. At this point, MOA has been declining until 1978. QIDACLOCKS & WATCHES TECHNOLOGY LTD registered this trademark and developed Tourbillon technology. After more than 70 years, M.O.A appeared again before the world.
M.O.A, as a fashion high-end tourbillon watch, has invited Sammilby, Lya, Tani and many other stars as endorsements since the brand was established, and makes a stunning appearance at the Swiss Basel Watch Fair every year.
M.O.A has always enjoyed a good reputation for its unique aesthetics and spatio-temporal watch design. With the spirit of perseverance and excellence in quality assurance, “M.O.A. stands on the watch field again. The new direction of development stems from wisdom that keeps pace with the times. At present, watches are becoming more and more popular, and there are more and more consumers with purchasing power. Watches become fashionable. M.O.A. also develops with this trend.
As M.O.A is making unremitting efforts toward the goal, it is committed to upgrading the accuracy of products and adhering to the spirit of pursuing excellence and has accomplished a number of wonderful treasures.
The M.O.A watch Lazutte's factory has a history of more than 100 years, and has retained the tradition of the original French watchmaking technology. Each watch has reached local industry standard. M.O.A can fully complete the M.O.A original production from the invention, design and production of the product to the production of tools and spare parts, and to the assembly, grinding and, packaging.
The French watch has a unique style, so does the M.O.A watch. The French industry is more technology-oriented. The factories there have high technique, with strong functionality and durability. The French watch industry also retains this tradition. In addition, the French watch does not generally pay attention to the design of the dial as much as the Swiss watch. The size of the French watch is not as exquisite as the Swiss watch. The design of the French watch is relatively simple and practical. M.O.A not only gathers countless leading watchmakers, gathers a number of watch case makers, pointers and balance wheel manufacturers, but also supplies German-made parts to companies that are dedicated to developing high-quality watches.
M.O.A is not only a model of the precision watch industry in France, but also the most important watchmaking center in the world. It is neck and neck with the Swiss watch industry.
Brand story